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“Music in My Backyard” is a class created for 1 - 3 year old children and their caregivers but may be appealing to a wider age range, that is up to you. I sing some of these songs to my teenagers. :)

With so much time at home, Music and Me wants to help you make the most out of your days with a curious active toddler/preschooler by providing you with refreshing, valuable content. I have taught early childhood music for 21 years, though this is the first time I have recorded myself or put music classes online. Please email me with what you like and suggestions to make the class better ([email protected]). We want to serve you and your family the best we possibly can!

Each lesson includes:

  • videos of me teaching and reviewing songs and musical concepts related to the topic, 
  • lyric pages of all the songs introduced in each lesson,
  • a suggestion for a book to read, a snack to make and a song to dance together to, and 
  • other songs that would be fun to listen to while exploring your backyard. 

Please customize all songs and ideas to meet your individual needs, child’s personality/age, and your surroundings. Some of you will watch these classes with your child, other caregivers will watch them on their own to learn the songs and then engage on their own with their child. I can see doing both as ideal. Either way, repetition is the best way to learn a song. Sing on your walks, in the bathtub, and while making dinner. Post the lyrics sheets near the changing table, in the car, and on your stroller until you have them memorized. Music will light up your life!

Engaging young children in musical activities:

  • enhances parent and child relationships,
  • establishes patterns of brain development,
  • improves language development,
  • enriches creative play,
  • and brings fun discovery into your busy day.

Please tell your friends about Music and Me online courses! This will allow us to produce more classes, serving you the best we can!

Enjoy class!

Musically yours,

Kristin Shaeffer


Music and Me


“Music in My Backyard” 

Lesson One - Building a Nest in a Tree

Video One: Welcome to Music in My Backyard

Video Two: Four Songs About Birds

Video Three: Golden Slumbers and Wave Goodbye

Video Four: Bonus Tour of my Backyard

Lesson Two - Growing in the Dirt

Video One: Welcome and Review

Video Two: Growing in the Dirt

Video Three: Rain and More Songs

Lesson Three - Flying Flower to Flower

Video One: Welcome and Review

Video Two: Flying Flower to Flower

Video Three: Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar - Musical Exploration

Lesson Four - It’s Hiding in the Grass

Video One: Welcome and Review

Video Two: It’s Hiding in the Grass Part 1

Video Three: It’s Hiding in the Grass Part 2

Video Four: Quiet Song - Sulla Lulla

Lesson Five - Chillin’ on the Porch

Video One: Welcome and Review

Video Two: Chillin’ on the Porch Part 1

Video Three: Chillin’ on the Porch Part 2

Video Four: The Fun Finish

Information on Music and Me’s next class. Tell your friends so your kids can sing together!


I hope you have enjoyed this teeny tiny peek into the course "Music in My Backyard."

As you can see from the syllabus, there are many many more musical experiences that you and your child get to have together if you sign up for the full course.

If you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected].

Let's face it. Everyone wants to have fun, even toddlers. Parents who dread days stuck in the house with their toddler because they are out of ideas that will satisfy the child’s need to be supervised, challenged, and happy will feel like a better parent after taking my course.

Music in My Backyard will facilitate understanding between parent and child while having fun.

Help your child feel “listened” to, thus understood and more content, which equals happy!

Sign up for Music in My Backyard today :)

Musically yours,


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